The Week Without Mommy

Mommy was lucky enough to get a return ticket to Toronto, Ontario to see her brother Kevin. We are super happy that she gets to visit but we were all a little testy eyed to see her leave- especially for 7 full days. So the following is true story of the adventures of HO’BnKO’B while mommy was away:

There was one request to send lots of photos or vids:

June 30, 2016

After grandma Wendy and grandpapa left we motored over to Costco to get some supplies for our adventure to Pender Island. When we came back we had noodles and fruit for dinner then we watched some paw patrol. Meanwhile daddy organized and started to clean up around the house.

holding hands enroute to Costco

Little mans was first to get ready for bed. He had a bath while Hannah read stories close by. Kaelan went down his usual chill and easy way.

Hannah and daddy the. Went outside and watered the poppies and garden. We then got in our PJ’s and read stories. Hannah had a hard time with mommy being away. Personally, I think it was because daddy doesn’t have any hair to play with. Eventually she fell asleep. Daddy the. Organized and did what he could to prepare for an early morning

See you tomorrow!

Day 2 without mommy!

July 1, 2016

Today we were up at 5:30am. We had the usual breakfast – milk, mini muffins and yoghurt. We managed to get out of the house just after 8am and made it to the ferry in time.

The ferry ride was as expected a gongshow. Long weekend silliness. Took forever to load but actually left only 10-15 mins late. Man it was packed!

On the ferry we met up with grandma and we did many laps around the various decks. For lunch we had breakfast.

We eventually made it to the cabin and both kids were super happy to be back. Hannah was cheering, “we are on Pender Island!” After naps we headed to the driftwood centre to grab some groceries and of course milk.

doing some crafts

We also set up our igloo tent the auntie Lynda got us! Thank you auntie Lynda!

having a blast in the tent

Once we got back from the grocery store we played on the side deck and eventually had dinner. We had Kraft dinner and broccoli with carrots. We were very lucky because daddy let us watch two episodes of bubble…bubble bubble guppies!

After dinner we went into the backyard and filled up a new pool grandma Wendy got us. Kaelan was being his silly self and sprayed daddy with the hose.

getting the pool ready for tomorrow

We then settled in for the night. Kaelan had a little trouble adjusting to the pack and play bed.

After he fell asleep Hannah and daddy went down to Medicine beach and threw rocks in the water and collected shells.

Hannah got to stay up an extra hour and she was beat. She fell asleep pretty darn fast!

We wonder what tomorrow will bring. See you tomorrow!

July 2, 2016

Today we woke up at around 7:15am. Sort of a sleep in for us. We played in the front room. Grandma let daddy hime up mount Norma while we stayed back and had breakfast.

After we got all cleaned up we headed out the door for the farmers market. As we walked around the vendors we ran into many familiar Furious George. Grandma bought us some nice pastries and we sat inside the community hall where it was shady.

We then headed over to the playground where Hannah owned the kitchen set and tried to tax any other kid who came by to play.

since we were pretty tired after the farmers market we stopped for groceries at the driftwood centre and then headed home for naps. The spell of Pender island time certainly hit us as Hannah slept for 2 hours and kaelan slept for 2.5 hours.

We the. Had lunch and grandma took us to the pool in the backyard. Daddy went and play disc golf with with Ultimate friends.

We the. Tried to play at medicine beach by Kaelan had a hard time standing. He actually just wanted to walk into the ocean.

We came home for dinner where we had corn on the cob, broccoli and quesadillas. Daddy let us watch 2 episodes of bubble guppies. There was no crying once it was done. Yeah right!

Daddy and Hannah ended up visiting the driftwood to use the wifi and proceeded to medicine beach again to throw rocks. Finally, we hit up Thieves bay marina to watch the sunset. We were lucky to see the ambulance boat.

What will tomorrow bring?